Indoor Soccer - Coed Rules & Regulations

Patterson Indoor SOCCER RULES




       All game and training balls are to be provided by team. No other balls are allowed inside the facility 


       Shin guards are mandatory and socks must cover your shin-guards.  


       Only flat-soled shoes will be allowed. NO CLEATED SHOES!  


       By the second match, all players on a team should have a numbered shirt of the same color, with the goalkeeper wearing a jersey contrasting that of his/her team and the opposing team. Teams should also bring a different colored jersey in case two teams have the same color.  If two teams have the same color, the Away team keeps their color, unless the away team has no uniform/matching shirts.


       Jewelry is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to earrings, necklaces, watches, etc.  


       U6 – U12 will use Size #4 balls. U13 & older will use Size #5.  


Game Format & Eligibility__________________________________________________________________


1.     Duration of Play – u6-u8 will play two 16-minute halves. U9-u12 will play two 18-minute halves. U13u18 will play two 20-minute halves. All halftimes are 2:00.   


2.     Rosters – There is a 14 player limit to the number of players on a roster. Players may be added to or deleted from the roster for the first 3 weeks of the season. Rosters are frozen at the start of your 3th game. Changes will be allowed after the 5th game for injuries or other extenuating circumstances, but they must be approved by the League Administrator. 


3.     Player Requirements - All players must fill out a league waiver to be eligible to play. 


4.     Eligibility – Age limit cutoff dates are those coinciding with the CYSA. The age your child is as of August 1stdetermines the age they can play. Players can play up in age groups, but older players cannot play down in younger groups. U9 means “Under 9,” etc.  


5.     Starting Requirements – Must have a minimum of 4 players to start. Play will begin as soon as 4 players are present. 


6.     Start Time - The referee will start each game time as scheduled. If the players are not ready, the clock will still start as scheduled. Play will begin as soon as the minimum of 4 players is on the field. Teams will have 9 minutes (clock will be running) to present the minimum number of players before a 5-0 forfeit is issued.  


7.     Clock - Time will run continuously, except for serious injuries and in the last minute of the game at referee’s discretion. 


8.     Injured Players - If a referee must stop the game for an injured player, and the player is assisted or the referee feels it is necessary, the injured player must be removed from the field and may not return until the next substitution. Goalkeepers will be allowed one play stoppage before being required to leave the field. Under NO circumstances shall a player continue to play after displaying an open wound or blood. 


9.     Overtime - There will be no overtime periods or shootouts in the regular season, only during playoffs. If the score is tied at the end of regulation, there will be a sudden death overtime period of 4 minutes. If still tied, 3 players from each team will be designated for the “PK’s”, if still tied we move to sudden death “PK’s.” 


10.  Mercy Rules – There is no Mercy rule, if a team is losing by more than 15, the score will not reflect on the scoreboard. 


Rules & Regulations________________________________________________________________________


1.     All laws of traditional soccer will apply in conjunction with our modified indoor soccer rules. 

Patterson Indoor Soccer employees, referees, managers and owners hold the right to take disciplinary action on any player, coach, spectator and any person while visiting the facility at any time before, during, or after a non-visible incident has accrued and or been reported. This included fights, verbal abuse and or attempt to physically abuse one a referee or anyone employed by Patterson indoor soccer.  This means Suspensions, fines, ejections, permanent suspensions and other.   


2.     Coaches - Each team must have a responsible adult coach/manager who will insure that each player on his or her team conducts him/herself in an appropriate/considerate manner and that each player on the team is accurately and properly documented on the team roster. Only players and 2 coaches are allowed on your bench. No siblings or non- players allowed. 


3.     Start of Play - Kick-Offs, at the start of each half and after a goal, are direct and go forward or backward.  


4.     Penalty Kicks - All fouls in a penalty box area, committed by a defender, shall result in a penalty kick to be taken from PK spot. All hand balls committed by the goalkeeper outside the penalty box result in penalty kick. The ball is in play as soon as the Referee blows his whistle and all players are eligible to win the ball. All other players must start at the centerline, outside center circle. Goal keeper must start on the goal line. 


5.     Scoring - A goal is scored when the whole ball passes completely through the plane of the goal line, having been struck before a game-ending signal, and providing no infraction has been committed by the attacking team.  


6.     Fouls - Any foul, regardless of the infraction will result in a direct free kick. All free kicks must be taken within five seconds. Fouls inside the penalty area result in a penalty kick. All defensive walls must be no closer than 3 yards (9 feet) from the ball, unless the defending goal line prohibits such distance. In this instance the defenders may stand on the goal line. If the defensive wall is not 2 yards away from the free kick, players could face a blue card penalty for encroachment at the referee’s discretion. Additional details on misconduct & penalties below.  


7.     Slide Tackling - Slide tackling is NOT permitted and a slide tackle may result in a card. Any type of lunge that could be dangerous is considered a foul and will result in a blue, yellow or red card.


8.     Offsides - There are NO offside. Three line rules apply. 


9.     Spitting/Gum - Spitting and gum on the field is NOT permitted and may result in a card. 


10.  Ball out of play - The ball is out of play anytime it comes in contact with the perimeter nets, or ceiling. When the ball is out of play over the 4ft boards, it will be awarded to the other team and will be placed 1 yard off the wall nearest where the ball went out of play. 


If the ball was played on a direct flight out of bounds by a defender under pressure in his/her third of the field, the ball is awarded to the opposing team at the top of red line. 


If a ball is played out of bounds by an attacker in their offensive third of the field and it hits out of bounds over the end line netting, it results in red line rule. Goal kicks are taken by either throwing it back into play or by kicking it from inside the goal box. The ball must be at a standstill. 


Balls kicked or deflected out of bounds into the ceiling netting results in a restart at the nearest place where the ball was spotted (see Amendments #8). All restarts are direct kicks and must be taken within five seconds of the ball being placed on the proper spot with proper space being yielded. Opposing players must yield 3ft from the spot of all restarts. Failure to comply will result in a blue card and two minute penalty. 


11.  Goalkeepers – Punting is allowed. A keeper may take a ball that goes out of bounds behind the goal and throw it or kicking it as it pertains to GOAL KICKS. The ball may be spotted and/or kicked but it must be SPOTTED inside Goal Box. No Drop Kicks are allowed.


If a goalkeeper fails to put the ball back in play within five seconds of having received the ball in hand, or having attained possession of the ball with his/her hands, distributes and then repossesses the ball prior to the ball being touched by an opponent or a stoppage in play, a penalty kick shall be awarded to the opposing team on the penalty spot.  


A goalkeeper may not dribble a ball into his/her penalty box area and pick it up with the hands, only if not played back by teammate’s feet. Any ball intentionally played back to the goalkeeper by his/her teammates feet may not be picked up by the goalkeeper. The penalty for this infraction will be a penalty kick from the opposing team on the penalty spot. 


Goalkeeper substitutions must be made on the fly. If there is already a stoppage of play and it is a noncrucial time of the game, the referee may allow some extra time, however the clock will still run. Any teammate may change place with the goalkeeper, provided it is done as a normal substitution procedure and the goalkeepers jersey is different from that of his/her and opponent's team jersey. 


If a goalkeeper receives penalty time, he/she may be replaced by another field player in the penalty box, except for yellow and red cards. 




12.  Substitutions - Substitutions may occur at any time. They must be made at the door. The referee has the right to compel a team to substitute a player. 


13.  Misconduct/Penalities – See below for complete details.  


14.  Fighting Fighting will NOT be tolerated. Any participant, coach, fan, or other person associated with an altercation with another player, coach, fan, or other person will be automatically ejected for an indefinite period of time (minimum 6 Months), with no refund, and may be permanently banned from the facility. If a player or coach comes off the bench to participate in the fight, regardless of intentions, they will be automatically ejected for the same duration. If any team's fans enter the playing surface during a fight, regardless of their intentions, they will be removed from the league immediately without a refund.  Appeal process may be used. Must be approved by league administration. 


Anyone attempting to abuse any other person, whether fan, coach, player, official, employee or other, 

WILL be banned from the facility permanently, and LIKELY face legal charges pressed against him/her. Management reserves the right to ban any individual regarded to be detrimental to the game’s safety or enjoyment of all parties involved. 


15.  Fan Conduct - All parents and spectators are expected to act appropriately. Spectators may be asked to leave the facility if they do not conduct themselves appropriately. Siblings of players MUST remain with an adult and are NOT allowed to wander around the facility. No balls are allowed to be played with in the hallways. 


16.  Taunting - Taunting will NOT be tolerated. Any player that taunts another player will receive an automatic yellow card. A second taunting violation by the same player will result in a red card.  


17.  Referees - Arguing with the referees will NOT be permitted and will result in a Yellow card. Excessive arguing will be considered fighting and the player will be ejected for the season on the first offense and no refunds will be given.  


Only the coach/Manager and/or team captain may appropriately ask the officials for clarification when pertaining to discretionary calls. Penalties may be assessed against players and/or teams who show disapproval by word or action, which is deemed to be inappropriate by the referee or other game official, and may be punishable by a blue, yellow or red card at the referee’s discretion. 


The referee’s decisions are final and he/she reserves the right to terminate any game for which they see fit. All suggestions and or complaints are to be submitted in written form to league management 


Misconduct / Penalties______________________________________________________________________


1.     All fouls and infractions will result in a direct free kick, penalty kick, time penalty, card booking, ejection, monetary fine, or any combination of the above as the referee and/or Patterson Indoor Soccer management see fit, regardless of how much time is left on the clock. A player’s time penalty shall begin at the time the ball is back in play from ensuing restart. Any player determined by the referee to delay, (usually 5 seconds), in reporting to the penalty box area may receive additional penalty time. All shots/passes/touches that hit directly up to the ceiling will be considered a foul.


2.     Simultaneous penalties: If members of both teams are simultaneously penalized or sent off, both teams shall play shorthanded until all penalty time has been properly served. 


3.     TEAM cards - BLUE CARD = Every 5 fouls per team resulting in a two minute penalty. Jumping over the wall to substitute in or out will result in a two-minute penalty and a BLUE CARD. Too many players on the field at one time will result in a two-minute penalty and a BLUE CARD. A team’s failure to reasonably put the ball back in the play within five seconds of signal by referee shall result in a possession turnover in favor of the opponent, and may receive a team or personal card.  


YELLOW CARD - Any non-playing personnel exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct will result in a yellow card issued to the team. If the behavior continues, they WILL be issued a red card, ejected from the facility and banned indefinitely. The game may be forfeited.  


4.     PLAYER cards - BLUE CARD = 5 personal fouls. A 2-minute penalty which is over at the end of the two minutes or when the advantaged team scores a goal.  


The referee shall issue a blue card and 2-minute unsportsmanlike penalty to any player who intentionally engages in tactics, which significantly delay the restart of play. A blue card will also be issued when players fail to give the required 3 yards on restarts.  


Multiple players receiving and serving blue-card penalties: Upon a goal by the opposing team, the player having served the greatest amount of penalty time will be allowed to resume play. 



YELLOW CARD = A 4-minute HARD penalty that is over only at the end of the full four minutes. Accumulation of three yellow cards within a season will result in a 1-game suspension 


RED CARD = A 6-minute HARD penalty that is over at the end of the full six minutes. That player is required to leave the facility immediately and will be suspended from ALL Patterson Indoor Soccer games for 1-week minimum. A 

Player receiving a 2nd red card during their history with us will be suspended for a season (3 months) at minimum. A 3rd red card at any time warrants an indefinite suspension (minimum one year).  


A player shall also be ejected upon receiving a third time penalty in a game. The clock will continue to run and the game may not restart until the ejected player has left the facility. A teammate of the ejected player shall serve the penalty time in its entirety. These rules also apply to an ejected coach or any non-participating individual.  


Failure to leave will result in an emergency call to the police (of any ejected person). 


NOTE: In the event a player penalty time incurs a team its 3rd team foul, the higher penalty value will be assessed. A $50 dollar fine for any red card will be imposed by the league administrator, and must be paid in full before reinstating any player in to his or her team roster. 


5.     Delayed two minute penalties: In order to preserve the advantage of the fouled team and flow of the game, the referee may delay the issuance of a two minute penalty until such time as he feels the proper advantage time has been allowed, or the offending team regains possession. Goals scored during this period may count and will not delete penalty time. The referee holding the blue card in the air and calling for advantage signifies a delayed two-minute penalty. 


6.     Penalty time when clock has expired - Penalty time will be enforced even if the time on the clock has expired. The duration of the penalty must be served and if additional time penalties occur during the penalty time, those must be served as well until one goal has been scored be either team. This only applies if the team that is receiving the penalty is ahead by one goal or tied. No game will be extended if the team that is penalized is behind. 


1. Must have Player Pass, Wristband or stamp to play. There will be a BLUE card penalty given if any players enters the playing field without a player pass or stamp. Player passes must be giving to the referee prior of game starting or during a player entrance to the playing filed. 

2. Teams are responsible for bringing their own soccer ball. P.I.S. does not provide game balls. Each team is responsible for their own game soccer balls.

3. No Alcohol allowed. Any Player found drinking alcohol before their game will not be permitted to play and will be suspended for the rest of the round. If it is determined by the referee or any P.I.S. staff that you have consumed alcohol during the game and is playing with intoxicated, you will also be suspended for the rest of the game and round. No exceptions

4. No Food or gum on the playing field. First offence will be given a warning, second offence it will be a 2 min Blue card penalty, third offence will become a yellow and any after will be suspension or expulsion

5. Red Card.: A red card given by the referee will result in suspension from all leagues, for the number of game suspensions given. Example if you are suspended from one league and a player plays for multiple leagues that player is suspended from all leagues. 

6. Spectator/fans/coach/assistant coach. A player in the field will have to step off if any card such as; blue, yellow or red is given to a spectator or coach

7. Bibs: will be rented for $2, 10 bibs will be given and we will require you return al 10 or an extra fee will be issued 

8. Ceiling Net:  Any soccer ball kicked by any player in the playing field and makes hard contact with the ceiling net will be determined as foul at Referees discretion. Headers and rebounds from players will not counted as fouls at referee’s discretion.  

9. All team and player fees must be paid by the second game, teams who are not paid by the second game will not be allowed to play at the administrations digression, NO EXCEPTIONS